About Us

High quality Healthcare management

Who we are:

INSITE Consultancy is a market leader in Healthcare Consulting and Transformation in British Columbia. Our clients have helped the firm define its specialty traits and characteristics by demanding our best and coming back for more. That is the way it should be for a responsive and nimble company. We understand that healthcare consulting is a tough market and for us to remain successful we have to grow in strength, knowledge and adapt to the challenges facing our clients. An example of that is our additional bench-strength in the area of operational re-design and improvement. In addition to our core foundation of rigorous project management, change management and subject matter expertise in healthcare technology we have grown our Lean healthcare practice and continue to do so. The combination of these portfolios create a net value that is greater than the individual parts.

 The strength of our project management, change management, operational engineering  and technical architecture expertise is just the tip of the INSITE ice berg. Finding synergy in our talent pool is more than just a rich mix of smart individuals; it is a tremendously exciting group of consultants who provide value to our clients as a learning and growing team. We can draw on the  experience and resource pool whenever there is need. Can we do it all? Yes we can add tremendous value to any aspect of healthcare management and leadership but to narrow it down our typical areas of engagement are:

How we deliver:

The INSITE TeamAll INSITE Consultancy associates are carefully selected, supervised and are assigned by matching  their strengths with our client's needs. The INSITE model places our team at or close to your site while integrating the contribution of the consulting team with your own resources. We will build a team with skills that are specific to your requirements who are managed and delivered to you through a single point of contact. For large projects you will not have the headache of managing a complex group of independent consultants. The INSITE team is usually all you will need. We are committed to building capability and transferring skills to your organization.