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We are on a mission to help innovate and transform healthcare

Who We Are

INSITE Consultancy is a  leader in Healthcare Innovation and Transformation in British Columbia. Our clients have helped us define our focus by demanding our best and coming back for more. That is how a consulting partnership is formed and endures. We understand that healthcare consulting is competitive  and to remain successful we have to grow in strength, knowledge and adapt to the challenges facing our clients. 

Building Opportunities - Delivering Solutions - Leading Change

Our Services

 Consulting Services

INSITE provides healthcare-focused consulting services to public and private clients.
Our experienced team, combined with our international network, enable us to provide the support you need 


Technology-enabled Transformation Projects 

95% of healthcare organisations are lagging behind in innovation and few have a digital strategy and nearly all fail to leverage their own data to accelerate change. Call us and we can help you move to the top 5%
The opportunities presented by the smart application of technology to accelerate positive healthcare transformation is here right now! Let's talk about how we can support you along that journey. It can be a great experience.

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